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HOLISTIC PELVIC CARE™ — with Chanti Smith

an effective treatment to enhance fertility, prepare for birth, support the pelvic floor postpartum, heal after pregnancy loss, abortion or birth loss, and many other gynecological or reproductive health experiences


recommendations for herbs and homeopathic remedies, protocol supervision for frequency specific microcurrent treatment

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After our session with our twins Micah had such an amazing shift. He has been happy and much more independent and satisfied. I am really thankful for all the work that you have done for the babies.
— Aya, new mother of twins
I have been extremely pleased with the support I have been given from Elsa. The modalities used have unlocked and opened me up to a new level of awareness within myself and my past. I am continuing my sessions with Elsa because they make me feel safe and without any judgement when I share some very deep childhood traumas. I truly feel this is needed in order to open up to my emotional side and heal.
— R.H., student
I just had my first pain free feed in two weeks and have a very satisfied little boy passed out on my chest. I wouldn’t have known to do a feed skin to skin and let him lead the way.
— Maria, new mother
The work has brought me into deeper contact with myself through the stories alive in my body. Through our session, I gained a new relationship with my nervous system and tools for self-regulating - tracking my states of activation and rest, and using this awareness to expand my capacity for presence.
— C.R., videographer
I call Chanti the baby whisperer. After 9 weeks of trying, working with a lactation consultant, and pumping around the clock, I had all but given up on breastfeeding when my daughter refused to latch and got hysterical every time I made her try. During our first session with Chanti my baby latched onto one breast and fed for 5 minutes. Then, 24 hours after our second session she breastfed fully for the first time and within a few days was exclusively breastfeeding and we have never looked back. Chanti’s gentleness, intuition and knowledge helped my baby and I truly bond and attach. I highly recommend her sessions for C-section babies and moms, it was a rebirthing experience for both of us that truly changed our lives.
— Susan Houriet, mother