Baby Bodywork & Postpartum Integration 

Receiving support is key for healing from challenging births, complications, and trauma to more fully experience the feelings of love, bonding, and attachment. 

We're here to support you

  • Is everyone telling you that“all that matters is that you have a healthy baby” but still something doesn’t feel right?
  • Was your baby born prematurely or spent time in the NICU?
  • Was your baby stuck during labor or was in a difficult position during birth?
  • Were you and your baby separated after birth?
  • Did you give birth to twins and are feeling overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel disconnected from yourself, your baby or your partner?
  • Are you experiencing fear, depression or anxiety and you are not sure why?
  • Did you have unplanned interventions, such as cesarean, vacuum, or forceps?
  • Did you experience a stillbirth or infant loss?
  • Is your baby exhibiting signs of trauma?

Baby Bodywork & Postpartum Integration  sessions can help you

  • Heal and integrate your birth experience
  • Assist with breastfeeding/chestfeeding challenges and find ease
  • Resolve sleep issues or colic
  • Heal structural issues from the birth process, including baby bodywork and support for the birthing parent
  • Support infant attachment and bonding, and re-connection after separation or trauma
  • Make sense of what happened in your birth, and resolve feelings of anger, sadness or confusion about your baby
  • Feel confident as a parent, and connected to your partner

Offering your baby exquisite care right from the start

In the session, you and your partner will be cuddled up in a relaxed position, and we will have your baby on your belly skin-to-skin (as long as this is comfortable for you). We support your baby as they do the breast/chest crawl or supported attachment sequence. As they make their way up your body, they tell the story of their experiences through movements and sounds, so that they can safely feel their feelings, unwind any trauma, and begin to re-pattern their experience to find their natural impulse underneath any layers of interventions, trauma, or challenges that may have occurred.

We offer the option of receiving these kinds of sessions with two practitioners so the whole family gets a treatment/hands-on work and support. This is especially beneficial when there were complex dynamics during the birth birth and attachment period, or you and your partner have complex early histories or need support in your relationship, and if you are working with a history of inter-generational material passed down though the parental lines.

Sessions include Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing® and Perinatal Psychology, integrating talking and hands-on bodywork for the whole family. These sessions support your baby to self-attach and self-latch, give you an opportunity to see your baby tell their story, and for you and your partner to share your experiences of the birth process. With guided support the journey to the breast/chest unfolds as a natural therapeutic process for integrating the birth story, nursing, and allowing for optimal bonding and attachment for the whole family. We also can offer recommendations as needed, for herbal and homeopathic remedies, Holistic Pelvic Care, and other kinds of support.

Home Visits

We are happy to do home visits for new parents and babies up to 12 weeks after birth.


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