Flower Essence Formula

The Spirit Warrior formula is helpful for practitioners in holding a boundary while still being heart-open and empathic.

Guided Meditation: Mother Earth, Father Sky — Ray Castellino

Turn your attention to the tail end of your spine, 
the sacrum, and the soles of your feet, 
coming into contact with mother earth.  

Let yourself receive the felt sense of the earth, 
drinking in its moon-like reflective energy.  
Find within your body
the places that connect you with the essence of that.  
Feel the pull of gravity drawing you to the core of the earth.

Turn your attention to father sky.
Find some place in your head that is a doorway to space.
Let your awareness trace the arc between the above and the below.
Notice the mid-space opening between them.  

Now, bring your attention to the back of the body, 
the muscles up and down your back, the source of your strength. 

Back to the mid space

Now bring your attention to the front of the body, the sensory, receptive part of you.

Back to the mid space

Bring your attention to the right side of the body… and then to the left side.  

Let your attention pendulate between both sides, till it naturally settles in the mid-space.  

Notice the inside, then the outside.

Enjoy the pendulation between above and below, between back and front, left and right side, inside and outside, 

As you pendulate your attention up and down, back and front, side to side,
notice how it eventually brings you back to center.  


Developed by Ray Castellino and refined by Myrna Martin and their students. Elsa and Chanti articulated them here in their own words.

Attachment Booklet — Myrna Martin

This is for your use only. If you want your client's to have copies, you can direct them to purchase the e-book or print form.

Good Parent Messages — Jack Rosenberg, Integrated Body Psychotherapy

Read the information on how to work with the maternal and paternal matrix messages. The maternal matrix messages are developmentally related to very early experience, and the paternal matrix messages are developmentally related to ages 3 years and older.

  1. Look at a photo of your young baby/toddler self and recognize yourself and this is the part of you that you are talking with. 
  2. Say out loud the message, and do your best to feel the message in your heart, placing a hand on your heart can help with this.
  3. Write the words down, and look at them, after you know them write them with your non-dominate hand.
  4. Really let yourself cherish that little one that you were when you were not met, and meet yourself now, with what you needed then.

Maternal Matrix

I love you.

I want you.

You are special to me.

I see you and I hear you. It is not what you do but who you are that I love.

I love you, and I give you permission to be different from me.

I’ll take care of you.

I’ll be there for you; I will be there even when you die.

You don’t have to be alone anymore.

You can trust me.

You can trust your inner vice.

Sometimes I will tell you “no”, and that’s because I love you.

You don’t have to be afraid anymore.

My love will make you well.

I welcome and cherish your love


Paternal Matrix

I can set limits, and I am willing to enforce them.

If you fall down I will pick you up.

I am proud of you.

I have confidence in you — I am sure you will succeed.

I give you permission to be the same as I, to be more or less.

You are beautiful/handsome.

I give you permission to love and enjoy your erotic sexuality with a partner of your choice and not lose me.

The Oxytocin Boost Checklist — The Chemistry of Connection, by Susan Kuchinskas

  1. Offer a sweet kiss
  2. Share a warm hug
  3. Cuddle
  4. Make love
  5. Have an orgasm alone or with someone else
  6. Sing in a choir
  7. Give someone a neck rub
  8. Hold a baby
  9. Stroke a dog or cat
  10. Perform a generous act
  11. Pray or do a mindfulness ‘gratitude’ meditation
  12. Root for your team
  13. Share something important with someone you care about

Self-Touch Sequence to Regulate Your Nervous System — Anna Chitty

This exercise is designed to stimulate the social nervous system.

  1. Exhale like you’re blowing out through a straw
  2. Stimulate your ears by massaging your ear lobes and touching the ridges in your ear
  3. Touch/massage whole face
  4. Place your fingers over your eyebrows about a half an inch out from the center of your face on both sides, find the slight notch and rub lightly in small circles
  5. Touch/lightly massage on either side of nostrils, straight down from eyebrows
  6. Touch/lightly massage on either side of chin, straight down from either side of your nostrils
  7. Hold your whole face and imagine someone who you light up when you see them/someone who loves you
  8. Massage on either side of neck, from behind ears on either side down
  9. Place your hands on your heart
  10. Place your hands on your belly
  11. Place one hand on your belly and one on your heart