Creativity  X  Healing

The healing and creative processes are interconnected, each a force that is mutual restorative. Your body is included in liberation. Your art is included in your healing. Your healing is included in your creative work. This course is guided by the inquiry of how "healing states" — e.g. presence, embodiment, connection — support tapping into the place where ideas come from, where inspiration is sparked, where we source the energy and potency to bring something forth into creation. 

Track Your Body Cycles

Notice how you feel in your body. Cultivate tenderness. Cultivate your sense of tone. Track your hormone cycles. This is a radical rebellion that counters capitalism which denies the earth-body cycles for a system of never-ending expansion and production at all costs. The more we work with our body, the more our creative process is authentic and sustainable. This is true productivity, in concert with your body, your relationships, the wider ecology. Read more about hormone cycles.


Introduction to Primal Sequence

Our earliest experiences set up patterns that we live out in our lives. By bringing awareness to this we have greater choice and can restore our patterning to optimal flow in support of our intention, our creative process, and the work we're here to do. The course utilizes a short film Primal Sequence to express the five phases through movement, embodying preconception, conception, embryological development, fetal development, birth, bonding, and postpartum experiences. The piece was created by Elsa Asher and Cedar Ranney, utilizing the MO process in their creative collaboration.


Two overlapping and mutually reinforcing sets of Guiding Principles

The first is a set of principles was developed by Ray Castellino and refined by Myrna Martin and their students. Watch the brief introduction below. For a full webinar (75 minutes) click here.

The second set of principles were developed by Jill Soloway, of Topple Productions.