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Take your time to gather energy, materials and support. Allow your potency to build so that when it is time to take action you move from a place of authenticity and presence.


Moon Phase: Waxing Moon 🌓

As the moon grows it is prime time for preparation to begin. In this time you are taking care of all the details to make your thing happen! You’re making your lists and checking them off. You’re doing sketches and building models, writing a song and practicing it, choreographing, writing the zine. No matter the phase the moon is in during this work time, it is the time for new neural connections, new work and creative explosion.


Primal Sequence: Conception, Implantation, Embryological Development, Growing Your Body in Utero

This is the time when you grew your body from the meeting of the egg and sperm cells into your whole body. Take your time to gather energy, materials and support. Allow your potency to build so that when it is time to take action you move from a place of authenticity and presence. 

Exercise: What do you know about the time when you were conceived, when you implanted in your gestational parent’s womb? What do you know about your early embryological development (in the first 9 weeks) and your prenatal time (in the second and third trimesters) that may be clues for your process?

Write, draw, paint, dance, make music arising the felt sense of what you experienced, or what you would have liked to experience.

Themes & Experiences

Week 2

Periphery cells (trophoblast) expand, reaching out to gestational parent, center cells form 2 bubbles/spaces, to ecto and endo tissue layers
"Plant phase"

Week 3

Emergence of meso tissue, blood forms as an organ, connecting stalk forms and enter (from the periphery) as the middle layer, filling in and creating spaced connection between the ecto and endo layers
Massive growth
Primitive streak, midline, creates a vertical orientation on the plate of center cells, notochord forms
Heart begins to form at the top
Nervous system begins to form as the neural groove
Somites form as the beginning of the spine
"Animal phase"

Week 4

Heartbeat arises
Flexion, folding
Yolk sac is sucked in to form the gut
Organized groups of cells form the basis for most systems: vascular, nervous, muscular, digestive, skeletal
12 ro 33 pairs of somites
Neural tube closes
Cells for eyes and ears appear
Building blocks appear for 40 pairs of muscles
Head, trunk, tail, arm buds
Slow generalized movements occur in response to skin stimulation

Experiences for the gestational parent in the first month

Discovery of being pregnant, sometimes this is known as it is happening, sometimes 2 or 3 weeks later. This is also a good time to listen to music, relax, write,  notice dreams, and begin to be aware of their own birth.

Week 5

Pharyngeal arches arise, each wired with a major artery and cranial nerve, these contain apparatus for hearing, speaking, breathing, eating, and facial expressions, these are structures of the social nervous system
3 parts of the brain and all cranial and spinal nerves form, the brain is expanding rapidly
Arm and leg buds form
Heart develops chambers, the heart is huge
50% of the whole body is heart and brain
Liver, stomach, esophagus, spleen and pancreas begin to develop
Upper limbs segment forming, the shoulders, hands and wrists
Sex cells migrate from yolk sac
Head and tail nearly touch

Week 6

Face forms, the upper and lower jaw, teeth and facial muscles begin to develop
Mound erupts where external ear will grow
Eyes begin to show color, and eye muscles begin to form
Fingers and toes appear
Thalamus, hypothalamus and cerebellum form
Cartilage and bones form
Testicles and ovaries develop
Reflexes of sucking and grasping arise
Strong brisk movements emerge

Week 7

Gestational phase: fetus
Face rounds out
Semicircular canals, palate, heart valves, nerve cells and retina develop
Forebrain (understanding), midbrain (hearing) and hindbrain (seeing) are formed

Week 8

Eyes migrate to the front
Taste buds arise
Stomach is large
Brain wave activity resembles an adult
Head and trunk bend with stimulation
All major systems are formed

Experiences for the gestational parent in the second month

There is a sea or hormones, elevated estrogen and progesterone. Some people feel nausea, dizzy or tired. Many people are sensitive to emotions, with self, other and surroundings. This is also a natural time of more talking with the little one inside. It's also a time to reflect on their own childhood.

Month 3

Week 9: teeth, nails, nerves for eyes, nose and tongue and vestibular system develops, genitals differentiate, eye lids form, skeletal and muscles grow

Week 10: palate and lungs complete, gallbladder secretes bile, muscles of digestive tract develop

Week 11: taste buds and olfactory nerve develop, lungs expand and contract, thumb and forefinger oppose, kick, curl toes, frown, purse lips, individual facial expressions, sucks if lips are touched

Month 4 - 2nd Trimester

Risk of miscarriage drops to 2%
Bonding increases
Heart is fully developed
Nerves are myelinated



Creative Process: Gathering Materials

This is the time of growth and potential, of new work and creative thinking. Develop a plan for your project. Gather the materials you will need. Spread the word. If you are collaborating with other people, what do you need to do to tend to these relationship(s)? Stay connected to your potency by reminding yourself of your intention.


Exercise: What do you need to create your project?

How do you want to feel in the preparation phase? Create your plan and timeline.


Exercise: Resources

What do you need to support you in fully experiencing the preparation phase with ease? Write a list of internal and external resources to support you in this part of the process.