mo modus operandi elsa asher

You did it! Look around. Listen to everything around you whispering: “Welcome, welcome, we’re so glad you’re here."

Moon Phase: Waning Moon 🌗

As the moon wanes we finish up the last details of our offering. We now follow through. Maybe we met someone important at our show we need to email. The video needs to be uploaded to Vimeo, the syllabus needs to be shared, the money deposited in the bank or maybe we need to clean up our studio. No matter the phase of the moon, this time is about tying up loose ends.


Primal Sequence: Coming into the World

This is the time right after your birth, when you are meeting the world directly for the first time. You did it! Look around. Listen to everything around you whispering: “Welcome, welcome, we’re so glad you’re here.” Allow yourself to take in what just happened. To feel your arrival, to experience the affect of your action. This is a time to debrief and reflect on the action, and take any immediate necessary steps after the action, e.g. follow up communication with any collaborators, participants, or audience.

Exercise: What do you know about your experience right after birth?

Write, draw, paint, dance, make music arising the felt sense of what you experienced, or what you would have liked to experience.


Themes & Experiences

This is the time when the placenta is born and the baby is orienting.After birth, a baby can pick out a picture of their parents' faces from a gallery of photos of faces, recognizes the stories that were read to them in utero, recognizes and prefers the sound of their gestational parent's voice, and will stop eating and listen to something interesting even when they are hungry. All of this is to say that babies remember their prenatal experience and it is part of their lived experience so far.


Creative Process: Debriefing and Following Up

This is the time of debriefing, completing any necessary follow up action steps and tending to yourself and your collaborators.Debrief with your collaborators. Receive feedback from your audience and community. Stay connected to yourself and those you shared this experience with.


Exercise: What kind of support do you need after the action phase?

What helps you really feel what you made or did and supports you to take in what you are receiving in response to what you made?


Exercise: Resources

What do you need to support you in fully experiencing the follow through phase with ease? Write a list of internal and external resources to support you in this part of the process.