Double Binds: Ancestral Lineage, Life/Death, Loss

September 4 - October 2

Watch Module 5 video until 2:39


TUESDAY, October 2, 5-6:30PM PACIFIC / 8-9:30PM EASTERN

Video call #5a

October 2 - November 6

Watch Module 5 video until the end


TUESDAY, November 6, 5-6:30PM PACIFIC / 8-9:30PM EASTERN

Video call #5b

Home Practice, Part 1

  • Begin to research your ancestral lines. If you can ask relatives, gather photos, and learn about your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins' birth stories.

  • Think about an intention you have in your life. Perhaps to be more connected to yourself, to others, to feel more centered. Choose an ancestral line (mother's mother line) to work with around this intention. Meet with your buddy and share with each other.

  • Plan to bring a photo or a story to the next call to share with the group.

  • Look at how double binds show up in your life. To begin practicing the first step of working with the double bind protocol, practice using the pause and notice what is happening in yourself and in your environment, when you first see one come up.

  • Book your personal sessions

  • Check in with a buddy from the call and one who missed the call by phone, email, FB message, or text. Email us if you need someone's info!

Home Practice, Part 2

Ancestral Medicine

Module 5 Resources

Module 5, Video Discussion Part 1

Module 5, Video Discussion Part 2