Chemical & Surgical Imprinting During Birth

July 3 - August 7

Watch Module 4 video until 2:36 (at end of the grounding practice)


TUESDAY, August 7, 5-6:30PM PACIFIC / 8-9:30PM EASTERN

Video call #4a

August 7 - September 4

Watch the rest of of Module 4 video (2:36-4:45)


TUESDAY, September 4, 5-6:30PM PACIFIC / 8-9:30PM EASTERN

Video call #4b

Home Practice, Part 1

  • Check in with your buddy 2 times during July
  • Read through the notes for this module, pages 1-21, 37-40
  • Do the Interview of History of Medications/Drugs/Surgeries (on pages 37-40 in the notes) with your buddy — if your buddy isn't available, just email another student and ask if they will do it with you (it's fine to do it twice), we recommend a video call if possible, otherwise phone is fine —  the listener can take notes for the one sharing history, use practitioner skills in the listening to give an opportunity for the sharing to be healing
  • If while watching the module/exploring your history you feel weird, spacey or anxious, move your body, flex your muscles, do some creative opposition
  • Practice Body-Low-Slow-Loop (BLSL) and/or the Boundary Practice on the Resources page (you can download the BLSL audio file so you can listen to it offline)

Module 4 Resources