Welcome to ancestral healing parent initiation program

Our children are our ancestors returning. Through reconnecting with our wise and loving ancestors, we build relationship that roots us in our family lineage and sustains us throughout the process of becoming and being parents.


  • contact with guides pre-requisite for every single stage of program. fine to have longer time/more personal sessions in beginning to make sure this can happen. — check out “are you having trouble connecting with guides?” if you need more resources to support this

  • topics are more like areas of inquiry to bring to guides than teachings (teachings are more like basket to hold what guides say, which is the real food/medicine gathered).

  • really empowering: our intent is for you to use this basket to gather really beautiful and effective info and teachings and transformations from your people. we actively do not claim to have ‘right’ ideas or answers about ‘the best way’ to become parent, birth, etc. cultural healing piece means really discovering what is right for you as part of your ecosystem now, and repairing your conscious understanding of your people’s ways related to birth and incarnation.

  • we use babies/ancestors as kind of interchangable because we are all the same, what makes us an ancestor, a living adult, or an in-process-incarnating human are all just different stages of being human. none are more than any others. this helps us understand deeply that babies are truly old, old ones.

  • The goals for the program are

    • Develop/deepen your relationship with guides on all four lineages, felt the containment of that structure, people have my back on all sides -- especially the MM, FF, including the sperm donors (FF) / egg donors (MM)

    • Ask your well ancestors to take care of your kid, ask their advice/wisdom

    • Established protection and secure support


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Book Your Intial Session

The first session is 90 minutes and includes an assessment and hopefully connecting with one of your guides. Follow up sessions are 60 minutes. In order to move through the program it is essential for you to have contact with guides, at least two of the four primary lineages, if not all four.