Attachment, Module One Notes


How do we come together and how do we go apart? We can re-pattern and we know how to do it, it is inherent. Meeting each other in more optimal ways. This encourages each person’s system to access inherent health. You already know how to do it, its about support so you can access that inside.


Not met, strategies, go into isolation, notice isolation strategy or letting self, when notice, ask for connection or support. The hallmark of secure attachment is asking for help/contact. Get it in an experiential place- where it grows wisdom.


Day One: coming together, going apart, safety and danger

Day Two: keynote on attachment, wehre is my attention/boundary, creative opposition, being met with living core, evening lecture

Day Three: keynote on attachment, adult attachment interview, noticing exercise

Day Four: keynote on rx strategies, attachment scenarios

Day Five: integration