"'Biodynamic' refers to a branch of craniosacral therapy that is less manipulative than other forms. Instead of trying to figure out the client’s problem and move tissues toward a hypothetical ideal symmetry, the practitioner creates a supportive environment so that the client’s system generates therapeutic change from within.

“Craniosacral” refers to a gentle therapy based on the ca. 1920 discovery of a micro-motion in the body. Through extensive experimentation, early osteopathic physicians determined that when this motion has full expression, many conditions improve. “Craniosacral” specifically indicates the importance of the central structures of the body including cranium, spine and sacrum.

A skilled craniosacral practitioner listens to the subtle pulsations of the system as the body tells its story. The body speaks through its rhythms, micro-movements and especially through its experience-managing patterns of physical shaping. With deep listening the practitioner encourages revitalization of the inherent healing potential of the system, and facilitates the release of resistance patterns. This approach emphasizes hearing the health of the system and encouraging its expression.

Craniosacral Therapy involves gentle hands-on work that honors the client’s own self-healing process. The intention is not to fix problems, but rather to encourage the emergence of new levels of order in mind and body. Practitioners know how to recognize the presence of the Breath of Life in many levels and locations of the body, and use appropriate methods to support and nurture its natural expression..." - John Chitty, BCST, RPP, Colorado School of Energy Studies