Artist Statement

“Dance is the breath made visible.” - Anna Halprin

In this project I make visible the experience that is at the heart of life: how we come into form as human beings. This process of life beginning unfolds in the unseen realm, inside a parent’s body. The very body you are right now is the exact same body that was formed inside your parent’s body, the very same body that passed through their cervix and vagina, or out of the side of their uterus. The film is a meditation on the journey of coming from vastness to form, as I utilize my body as a tool of expression to inhabit and make visible the movements of my experience of preconception through early childhood. 

The video was filmed and edited by Cedar Ranney. Special thanks to Benh Zeitlin and Dan Romer, creators of the score of Beasts of the Southern Wild, whose archetypal music inspired this work. Special thanks also to Chantia Smith and Myrna Martin for their consultation and support. 


The Primal Sequence is a map of experience, composed of five phases: intention, preparation, action, follow through, and integration.

Our first experience of the sequence is the beginning of our life: conception, embryological development and birth. Through exploring these experiences we discover personal patterns, and with this awareness can have greater choice and freedom in how we experience and live our lives.


When you form an intention, everything organizes around it. It guides and supports the entire process. If you forget why you here and what you are doing, remember your intention.

Developmental phase: forming an intention for your life, conception.



Take your time to gather energy, materials and support. Allow your potency to build so that when it is time to take action you move from a place of authenticity and presence.

Developmental phase: implantation, embryological development, growing your body.



You have all the power and wisdom you need. You are ready now to make your move. Remember you can pause during action to rest, connect, and remember your intention. 

Developmental phase: giving birth to yourself in collaboration with your birthing parent.


Follow Through

You did it! Look around. Listen to everything around you whispering: “Welcome, welcome, we’re so glad you’re here.”

Developmental phase: coming into the world.



Take the time to feel what you just experienced. Offer thanksgiving to all that supported you. Take the time to rest. Trust the rest. Keep resting until you organically feel the arising of your next intention. 

Developmental phase: being a newborn.